Monday, March 8, 2010

Deployed and running in under 2 minutes...

Greetings BlackTie fans,

We just wanted to let you know one of the projects main focus at the moment is to work on ease of use and managements. To that end we have reworked our Deploying BlackTie article over on the wiki with a challenge of sorts :D

The idea is that given a suitable baseline machine (say Fedora or Windows) and a few pre-requisites (Java, Maven and Ant, nothing too adventurous) then it should be possible to get BlackTie installed and running in only two minutes. When we say running, we mean having ran all the example programs too!

How is this possible you might ask? Have we removed most of the examples? No! What we have done is provided a small script that will automatically run all of the samples that we ship! Call it an aide memoire of sorts so you don't need to recall and type all of the build commands from the off.

Hope it is of help to you all!


BorgmM said...

I like the article but the BlackTie kits appear to be incomplete.

The first problem is that there is no or .bat in any of the binary distributions.

The second problem is with the first example.
The README writes:
Copy the file BLACKTIE_BIN_DIR/stompconnectservice/stompconnectservice--jar-with-dependencies.jar into JBOSS_HOME/server/all/deploy

However the stompconnectservice director and files are missing from all the binary distributions.

When you try to run the server executable without the stompconnectionservice you'll get the following error:
$ ./server -c linux -i 1
2010-03-10 20:13:23,892 [0xb788e700] ERROR (HybridConnectionImpl :78 ) - Connection failed: localhost, 61613
2010-03-10 20:13:23,892 [0xb788e700] ERROR (HybridConnectionImpl :81 ) - APR Error was: 111: Connection refused
2010-03-10 20:13:23,895 [0xb788e700] ERROR (HybridSessionImpl :215 ) - Could not send frame
2010-03-10 20:13:23,895 [0xb788e700] ERROR (HybridSessionImpl :219 ) - APR Error was: 20011: No socket was provided and one was required.
2010-03-10 20:13:23,896 [0xb788e700] ERROR (AtmiBrokerServer :788 ) - Could not advertise service with command: tpadvertise,default,default_ADMIN_1,
2010-03-10 20:13:23,904 [0xb788e700] INFO (AtmiBrokerLogc :67 ) - error initialising server

At this point I stopped trying ;-(

Tom Jenkinson said...

Hi BorgmM,

Really sorry about that! I should have pointed out that the will only be available from M3, although you could get the file out of svn and it should just about work (although it references a security example that I think was not part of MR2 so would need commenting out).

svn co

In terms of the stompconnectservice. You are getting precisely the error I would expect, I think the README are out of date slightly as the path has now changed. The README's in svn are correct (we must have changed this after the last release) but the path should read:

(You will also need to copy the file $BLACKTIE_HOME/blacktie-admin-services/Environment.xml into $JBOSS_HOME/server/all/conf - this was left out of the README in svn so I have added that now, it used to be in the Jar but we moved it out so you can edit the domain easier).

Sorry for jumping the gun a little on this article! I hope you persevere as BlackTie is really cool (but I would say that I suppose), if you do have any problems I really hope you try M3 as that has loads of great new usability features, including a command line admin tool (and the now notorious run_all_samples scripts).


Tom Jenkinson said...


After the release of M3 last week the article should be consistent with the actual tools available.

Once again, apologies for the teething issues!