Friday, March 1, 2013

Merging BlackTie and Narayana


We would like to merge the BlackTie and Narayana projects together. As you will know, BlackTie is a C++ API onto the Narayana transaction manager and as such features are being developed which require changes in both components. Furthermore, Narayana already provides support for several other APIs within the main Narayana project so collecting them all together seems to make the most sense.

The changes would be two phase:

Phase 1:
1. Merge the blacktie github repo into the narayana github repo
2. Use a single blog:
3. Use a single jira instance:
4. Use a single chatroom:
5. Use the single community space on

Phase 2:
Merge our web site into the existing pages

Please do let us know if you have any objections or can see a problem with this,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BlackTie 3.0.0.Final Released!

Great news!

We just put out the final version of BlackTie 3. It is based on M3 so if you are using that you should notice very little change (just resolved a build issue). You can download it from our website here:

Thanks to all the team and users who provided much valued input on this release!

Onwards to 4.0.0.M1! This will be paired with the Narayana 5 M1 release ( - very exciting!


Friday, June 10, 2011

BlackTie 3.0.0.M3 Released!

Great news! The BlackTie team have just released the latest iteration of our project.

This release changes the way we provide our documentation. It is now provided as a .pdf in the download distribution. You can also check out the html version of the documentation from here.

We have also cleaned up our last remaining memory issue which was related to the orb we use.

We now also support topics for publishing messages out to multiple XATMI services in one go (think stock ticker etc).

You can download the software from here:

You can build the software using the (updated) build instructions here.

You can check our release notes here.

You can raise issues here ;)

Hope you enjoy our latest release!

We hope to put out the GA release in the next couple of weeks which will add hton for the X_COMMON, X_C_TYPE and portable buffer formats.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JUDCon 2011: Coming May 2011


Just to let you know that JUDCon 2011 is fast approaching!

Although we wont have any presentations on BlackTie this year, our close friends in the JBoss Transactions team do have a couple of interesting topics to discuss with you (Transacting the Cloud and What's Your Java App Up To? Find Out With Byteman), alongside the rest of the JBoss community. It is also happens to be the largest JUDCon ever with 36 sessions, a JBoss in the Real World panel, and Community Asylum "live taping."

Hope you area able to attend what promises to be a fantastic event!


Monday, March 28, 2011

BlackTie3 M2 Released


Just to let you know that we have released M2 of BlackTie3. The release notes are available from: and the download is available from:

In this release we have added XA support for our enqueue and dequeue operations which is pretty slick. Plus we have also added support for a new buffer type: NBF.

This new buffer type is particularly cool as it allows you to access the content of XML structured data through a mapping API. On the wire, the data is transmitted as XML which will hopefully mean that we can use JBossESB to route this content for us.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BlackTie 3.0.0.M1 Released!


I have some particularly great news this for today, we have just release the first milestone from the 3.0 stream of BlackTie.

As always we have the release notes available on the web from:

Some of the main features we have introduced are:
1. HornetQ transport - we have finally upgraded to HornetQ for increased performance and resilience in our underlying messaging provider, this is particularly good as we can now take advantage of the HornetQ InVM transport between stompconnect and the message broker for super efficient messaging!
2. AIX support - with some excellent work by a few of our community members we have managed to get Blacktie building and running on AIX!
3. Java stomp usage - we have simplified our Java client library so that it now utilises stomp rather than raw JMS for messaging, this greatly simplifies the administration of deployed clients
4. Extended buffer support - we have introduced the ability to describe the X_C_TYPE and X_COMMON buffers in XSD rather than the btconfig, this is the first part in extending these buffers for SOA style usage
5. Greatly enhanced queueing support - I will add a blog entry on this later today or this week

This last point is truly a step forward for us, the blog will have more details but we have added two new (non-XATMI) operations which allow messages to be enqueued with the scope of a TX transaction! Finally you can send messages from C code within the scope of an XA transaction in an open source project!

We look forward to hearing your feedback!


PS Download the release from here:

Monday, October 11, 2010

JUDCon on reflection

So, here we are three days after the event that was JUDCon Berlin. And what an event it was!

For myself, I attended some extremely interesting presentations on RHQ, Wise, Infinispan, a whole host of cloud related ones (including an impromptu BoxGrinder one), HornetQ and more.

As is usual for a JUDCon, the quality of the presenters was very high. I have to give particular kudos to the community presenters who were (at least in every talk that I attended) very interesting and able to give some quite unique perspectives.

Thanks to everyone who attended my BlackTie presentation, the slides are due to be uploaded to the JUDCon Berlin page soon.