Friday, June 10, 2011

BlackTie 3.0.0.M3 Released!

Great news! The BlackTie team have just released the latest iteration of our project.

This release changes the way we provide our documentation. It is now provided as a .pdf in the download distribution. You can also check out the html version of the documentation from here.

We have also cleaned up our last remaining memory issue which was related to the orb we use.

We now also support topics for publishing messages out to multiple XATMI services in one go (think stock ticker etc).

You can download the software from here:

You can build the software using the (updated) build instructions here.

You can check our release notes here.

You can raise issues here ;)

Hope you enjoy our latest release!

We hope to put out the GA release in the next couple of weeks which will add hton for the X_COMMON, X_C_TYPE and portable buffer formats.


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