Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BlackTie 2.0 MR2 Released!

Greetings BlackTie fans,

As I am sure you will know, it is that time again when we release the latest and greatest version of BlackTie!

This time we focussed on the following:
1. Adding support for IBM DB2
2. Increasing the monitoring statistics available to BlackTie administrators
3. Altering the build to allow the native artifacts to be separated by a platform/architecture classifier.
4. Upgrading to the latest release of ACE and log4cxx

Another couple of more minor changes we have made are to; include the libstomp source code into atmibroker-hybrid so that we can add some more debug to it - hopefully we will put back these changes in the future, add the maven repository so no need to import the jboss dependencies by hand, plus, we have had to make another slight change to one of the apr headers for compatibility with ACE+TAO.

These changes mean:
1. Its definitely going to be best to build from clean (mvn clean)
2. You now need to use a platform-architecture qualifier (-Dbpa=...) when building any of the C/C++ modules (see the build notes for more details:
3. You will need to download the latest version of log4cxx, and ACE as per the build instructions
4. You will need to edit apr.h as specified in the build instructions
5. You will need to reimport the third party dependencies

If you don't mind rebuilding everything from scratch, I would suggest that you remove your ~/.m2 folders before importing the new third party dependencies and building BlackTie.

In terms of the remaining features for 2.0, these are still focussed around enhancing our administrative capabilities (including reconnect code for the XATMI application servers and clients). You can check our progress at the following link: (login required)

Here's the usual link to download the release:

The release notes are at:

As always, if you have any questions about the release or BlackTie in general, please feel free to ask them over in our forum on

All the best,

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