Thursday, September 23, 2010

JUDCon Abstract: Migrating to JBoss from Oracle Tuxedo using the BlackTie project

Hi guys,

Here is a reprint of the abstract to my presentation on the 7th October at JUDCon Berlin:

"The presentation takes a look at the overall steps that a user would need to take in order to migrate their applications from Oracle Tuxedo to JBoss AS using the newly released BlackTie 2 project. It will discuss some of the difficulties involved and walk through examples of how these may be addressed using BlackTie today and some of the features that are being worked on for BlacktTie 3. A comparison of the features offered by Tuxedo and those provided by JBoss AS with BlackTie will also be provided."

To find out what others will be speaking about, take a look at the agenda.


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