Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming soon! BlackTie 2.0.0.M4

Hi All,

We just wanted to announce that M4 is due to release on the 14th June. This release is intended to be the penultimate release in the 2-zero timeframe and after a short release cycle we hope to release the GA version around JUDCon with further work on the wiki.

In this release we have made a few tweaks to the API where we noticed some inconsistencies between the XATMI specification and our interpretation of it.

We have also added a few more administration GUI capabilities, such as the ability to monitor your services to see the frequency of the failure and error conditions to spot badly-behaved software.

Alongside this we have resolved a couple of other bugs and features in Jira:

Moving forward with version 3, this is where we look to introduce interoperability with other XATMI implementations such as Tuxedo. If anyone is interested in helping us with this endeavour, please get in touch!

All the best,

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