Thursday, April 9, 2009

BlackTie MR4 released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of milestone release 4 of the BlackTie project.

The features that have been added in this release are:
1. An early access version of a JMS transport
2. The ability to store the configuration files in configurable locations
3. The validation of the configuration files against known schemas
4. As always, increases to the stability of the product
5. A set of scripts that can be used by standard make files to build servers and clients
6. Ensuring the XATMI and TX return codes are correctly handled
7. Use perfect hashing for the CORBA stubs generated by TAO_IDL
8. Supported chained transactions

Currently the team are hard at work on milestone 5, which we hope to include at least the following features:
1. More documentation
2. Allowing the deployment of C XATMI services into the JBoss MicroContainer
3. Routing requests support (and the further qualification of our JMS transport)
5. Increasing support for resource managers

As always, you can access the release from our website: